At Grayce and Kindness we strive to reflect God’s grace in our lives to the world.  In the midst of heartbreaking loss, God’s sovereignty and goodness shine through.  We want to focus on that goodness as we persevere through our hardship.  When we lost our son Grayson, we connected with so many other moms and dads who had also lost a child.  Whether to miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss, we noticed that amongst most of these families there was lack of assurance about where their child was now and how they could meet that child again.  My husband and I didn’t struggle with this.  As believers in Christ we are confident in Grayson’s eternity in heaven, and in our eventual meeting him there.  

We are only able to cope with the death of Grayson by God’s grace in our lives.  We are only able to wake up each day and function because we know that Grayson is safe in the arms of God.  We hope Grayce and Kindness will help to give you that assurance.  In the deepest moments of loss, it is easy to dive into unending sorrow, however, it is crucial that instead we choose to accept the grace given to us by God and to reflect that grace and kindness to others.  We are never exempt from receiving the Lord’s grace and thus we are not exempt from furthering it.  We are to have joy in trial and in blessing.

We are dedicated to families that are fighting the sadness brought by the loss of a child.  We hope to help point you to God, His grace, so that you might also have assurance in where your child is today.  We want you to connect with other moms and dads who have experienced loss and encourage one another to choose grace.  Share the story of your child, find comfort in knowing you are not alone, and ask for prayer as you continue to cope. 

As our family continues to grow we want to continue to celebrate Grayson, while balancing our other child, Aurelia, here on earth.  We want to use Grayson in heaven to magnify the greatness of God and share the gospel with her.   We hope to give you a glimpse into our lives as we walk this journey of grief and joy in our family. Please walk with us.